Sunday, April 3, 2011

MODERN FATHER OF THE MONTH - Chris King, Bainbridge Is., WA

When I saw this guy walking into the grocery store with three kids in tow, I just had to meet him and grab a photo for the blog. Chris King was not only braving the grocery store with his three adorable kids (Sydney 6, Miles 21 months, and Elle 6 months) they were all super happy and loving the outing! A shout out to a proud Modern Father!

-Benjamin Doerr

Invisible Dad & the Assumptions That Blend Him Into the Background

by Benjamin Doerr

Being a stay-home dad is easily the most fulfilling and inspiring job I've ever had.  Being witness to my daughter's daily growth and discovery affords me great pleasure and I've certainly enjoyed connecting with other stay-home parents as well - moms and dads alike.  But, recently I've become aware of a bothersome dichotomy within this group as to how the parenting abilities of dads and moms are viewed and treated.  Interestingly, the assumptions about dads' abilities, or inabilities as parents are pinned on them by all types of people, even sensible moms.